Girls Tell All – What Women Crave From Men In Bed

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If you are interested in learning how to truly satisfy women in bed then you have come to the right place.

Not only do you want to be the guy who satisfies women in bed but YOU want to be the guy whose bed women come back to without even asking.

I know this because you guys have said it yourself. You want to be wanted needed admired and praised for great intimacy in bed.


You might be a little shy even insecure about your body – you wonder if this lack of confidence could get you rejected by the women you crave and you are just not ready for that rejection.

Do you wonder what women really want out a sexual experience and just HOW to give it to them at the right times?

If you are nodding your head right now trust me you are NOT ALONE

Dont feel like you are in the dark here because you feel insecure when a hot women walks in the door… even the pros get shakin up from time to time.


Dont feel like this is something that you cannot achieve for ANY reason whether it be lack of personality, humour, classical looks or even lack of endowment

NONE of these matter one bit!


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Here are some KEY dating tips and advice that guarantee passion and desire from women no matter the level of attractiveness. The reason for this is because ALL women react similar to certain secret triggers that only some men use.

Before we go into the dating tips

Creating Sexual Desire TIP #1

What to do with a lesser experienced women

First things first…

Find out if she has had any experience with “self service” does she self stimulate to organism. Because it
so common and frequent among guys we assume women do to.

If she has never had an orgasm then chances are you will be able to help her out and show her enjoyment she is yet to experience.

Creating Sexual Desire TIP #2

Now you know where you stand you can take on the position of teacher – automatic authority and alpha male sexual tension. Take control and teach her what you know but notice that she will likely just lie not knowing what to do. You have to teach her slowly moving from one step to the next without rushing… be patient.

Body massages kissing and music without going anywhere near ‘certain areas’ is a good first move.

Dont be afraid to ask her if what you are doing is working for her… remind her that its fine and that she can use her hand to guide you.

Remember that orgasm is NOT the goal here… Her confidence in her body and progress from week to week is.

Creating Sexual Desire TIP #3

When you are intimate with these kinds of women it pays to remind them that everything’s fine keep talking and take it at their pace.

No wam bam thankyou mam

Hold her close in a secure loving embrace, this will help her open up to you.

She will expect that you are going to go in for the kill but when you start to massage her and embrace her in a loving way she will be the one to initiate.

She expects you to finish early and leave however once she realises that there is something in it for her you will have her coming back for more…

By taking it slow you see her grow in confidence and love her body. Through patience and intimacy you will win over.

She will surrender in time and be all yours because now she truly trusts that you are not going to violate her boundaries and leave her with nothing.

Of course this only applies to NICE girls who are yet to discover their intimate sexual side. You can show them by taking it slow and teaching them how.


In fact a large majority of the women you find in bars and clubs know their body inside and out, literally…

I mean these girls could teach YOU a thing or two. If you go in unaware you could get trampled over by these outgoing confident women who know what they want.

And also know what they want in bed!

To avoid getting humiliated in front of a pack of angry females and to learn how to tame these beasts you need to understand how they tick.

They are a completely different kettle of fish and are unlike the timid women discussed previously